MSW, University of Southern California, 1999   
George Washington University, 1997


  • Inpatient social worker, Vista Del Mar

    Director of Admissions, Vista Del Mar UCLA

    Neuropsychiatric Institute Service Provider

    Postpartum Support International Service Provider

    Maternal Mental Health Now Service Provider

    Partner FIT4MOM, Los Angeles

    Created: S-PMAD Screening, a screening tool used in obstetric and pediatric offices to identify and assess for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders

    Created: “Drop-in PPD Group” model

ABOUT Stacey Lurie, LCSW

Stacey Lurie, LCSW

Stacey earned her MSW in order to best and most effectively treat children struggling with emotional disturbances. She worked extensively with young children and adolescents who were victims of severe physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Stacey served as a clinical social worker in the adolescent boys residential unit at Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services. After several years of work in the residential unit, Stacey was moved into the administrative position of Director of Admissions.

After her first child was born in 2005, Stacey opened a small private practice with an emphasis on parental education of childhood emotional difficulties. Stacey also provided consultation services to parents regarding mental health treatment options and specialized educational interventions.

Her extensive work with children led to Stacey’s interest in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She has completed numerous training courses in the assessment and treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD), including through Postpartum Support International.

Stacey is well regarded for her innovative PPD “drop in” group therapy model as well as her ongoing PMAD groups.

Stacey gives lectures in Los Angeles to parents (and radio shows) on the topic of children’s responses to acts of violence and terrorism.